About Jeff L Designs

Jeff LiaBraatenJeff LiaBraaten started Jeff L Designs LLC in 2010 selling his handcrafted pillows at the 2010 DC Design House. Since then the business has grown to include many more fabric-based handcrafted items and many more annual shows. In 2011, Jeff began showing his hand crafted tote bags and antique English ceramics. For 2012, he is adding vintage/antique and refurbished furniture and home accessories.

“There are so many well-made high-quality vintage furniture pieces out there that just need a little TLC. Sometimes they only need a good cleaning and a coat of wax. Others have good bones but need a new finish or some repair. On days I don’t feel like creating something with fabric, I love to refurbish these pieces and find a new home for them away from the landfill. I try to find classic pieces (good lines and proportions, quality materials and construction) that you want to have forever but don’t cost a fortune.”

Many of Jeff’s items are available via the online shop on Etsy.com and starting in the fall of 2012, his inventory can be seen and purchased at Evolution Home in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jeff is a native Minnesotan who lives and works in a suburb of Washington, DC with his partner of 22 years (just got married!) and their family of pets. He has spent his life in the artistic communities of music and design and holds bachelors degrees in piano, business and interior design.

“My parents loved hard work and frugality. Those qualities quide my business – producing and selling quality practical items that are as beautiful as they are affordable.”

What’s in the future for Jeff L Designs? “I’ve deliberately structured the business so that I have the freedom to take it in many directions. Right now, it’s a traveling retail shop with a permanent showroom in Alexandria. I could easily add hourly design services or newly manufactured items.